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quote honestly i never thouht about this as a health issue...maybe it is!

I love this, am in some drama nad might eneed to try this frogivrness exercise...scary but makes sense

wow, this never occured to me, its really for MY benefit to let go and stop suffering... thanks for this..

This is news to me.

Forgive anyone no exceptions.

Certainly, others will be generally affected, you could meet and collaborate with several individuals amid this day, however nobody else has to know this isn't the "genuine" you – that you're just faking it.

Thanks for sharing.

Forgiveness is good but not highway to hapiness.

If you feel stuck or helpless or angry, thinking forgivness may be worth your minutes

That is really great!! Thanks so much for all your assistance. 

what a great post

Forgiveness removes certain burden in your mind. Forgive so that you can live free life

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