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Heyy Mister theripist well this is my problem since i was a little boy i felt a atraction to boys but i didn't give it much care. plus i go to church i'm very catholic. and now that i'm 16 it's hard since i was 13 i have ben struggling i don't wanna be gay cuz i know God doesn't want that but i don't know what to do :( i'm just confused i just don't know what i have to do seriously. i want God to take this feeling i have this atraction to men but i just can help it feeling atractive to them. what can i do ?

There has been no documented case of HIV tninsmattirg via kissing.There is a theoretical risk of acquiring HIV in this way which is why it is placed in the theoretical risk/negligible risk/no real risk category . This is the category in between No Risk and Low Risk . This means that unlike No risk acitivities, Theoretical risk activities are activities where it is theoretically possible but there have been no documented cases. Acquiring HIV orally can be challenging as the mucosa and anatomy of the mouth is MUCH different from the vagina or rectum. A variety of features make it difficult, but not impossible, for HIV to transmit. Globally, the vast vast vast vast vast majority of people who got HIV sexually got it from unprotected vaginal sex or anal sex, a very small percentage acquired HIV orally. While you should avoid taking genital fluids into the mouth, especially if your oral mucosa is damaged in some way, but even if you don't take extra precautions, the risk of HIV acquisition orally is quite low.

Hey, am in this great guild called Cherry Chapstick horde on Rivendare. It is prloly the best LBGT guild I have ever been in. Everyone is so open and friendly. I would really recommend it. I have never felt so accepted

Agree with the above comment that it is MUCH different from the vagina.

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