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Well , if you have HIV, that automatically means you are HIV posvtiie. Yes, HIV is the thing that causes AIDS and but if you have HIV it doesn't mean you have AIDS yet .AIDS happens progessively after awhile, not automatically, but HIV infection does happen automatically when in contact with infected bodily fluids (blood, vaginal secretions, semen) . Long term, AIDS affects your t-cells, which means you are very vulnerable to infection and can die from illnesses that a healthy person might be able to fight, like the pneumonia or bronchitis.

This is a bad one too. But I must say I've heard Black men OPENLY speak about having sex w/another man, tuirnng him out in jail, etc. have seen women still give that same guy her undivided attention. I don't understand women like this. It CAN'T be that good! Between the US Black women what's going on in Africa, I just don't know how to best handle this issue because not many are abstaining or using condoms. You also have the factor of African women are being raped given the disease.

xsanches- yes and no. Many therapist wiohtut the DPT degree do not feel that we should be called Dr. But many PTs with the DPT believe that we have earned the right. So to answer your question. I've seen that slowly, more and more PTs are using the title of Dr. If chiros, podiatrist, and dentist do- why not PTs.

It was insulting the Catholic Church and the Tories for not sutpproing condom use. Conservative organizations tend to support abstinence only programs and view programs that promote or issue condoms as promoting a loose life style. The implication is that if the person had had access to condoms and used them and felt it was right to do so, that he would not have gotten sick and died.I can not speak about the policy of the Tories, but I can say that the Catholic Church has provided a lot of medical attention to those with Aids. Furthermore, the Catholic Church certainly had nothing to do with introducing or promoting the spread of the Aids virus.

Stress and anxiety are part of our life. It is just there, once triggered, it will ruin our life for a period of time or sometimes for a lifetime. We are always negative, thinks of negative feeling and etc. Therapy can treat it but there are some therapist who cannot understand the patient. We should know ourselves, think clearly and as much as possible, we should be positive.

I haven't tried natural sleep aids befroe. I've only tried unisom. My work schedule is quite hectic and changes constantly so it is hard to get my body on a normal sleeping schedule.

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