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I think that you'll find that the scene' in the uk wasn't much different in the 70 s than it was in the US. There were the elsends rumours and innuendoes about who was gay and who wasn't.In the 80 s that changed to who had AIDS and who didn't, and if they had the good or the bad AIDS.It's only lately that i've felt safe enough to exress who i am to the world without fear of reprisal or name calling. I still get kids setting fire to turds and leaving them on my doorstep, but that's a price i'm willing to pay for a good man and a meat truncheon.

As a Lutheran Christian, PathGeek, I find neither rage nor fear in Les Femmes's post. I also bvielee in a God of love, who loved us so much that He crucified His own Son for the forgiveness of our sins.To suggest that love can be had apart from justice is simply unfathomable. God does not leave us in the muck of our sins, but pulls us out and washes clean in the waters of Baptism so that we can love our neighbor. That's exactly what Les Femmes is doing. Too bad you can't see through your own subjectivism to experience it.Robert at

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