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Your dreams are waiting to be realized.

hehe that sounds fun...*

I was bullied to the point of carynirg a baseball bat in my bag to fend off groups of attackers who would follow me home daily from school even though they lived no where near me. My name was "faggot". I was punched in the face minutes before English class and after jumping over two rows of desks to get away from the much larger and older assailant was sent to the principal's office for "creating a ruckus" and getting punched was probably my fault It continued from the time I was in 6th grade until the end of my junior year when finally the bullies graduated and my athletic accomplishments began to outweigh the fact that I shaved my legs for swimming.I carried all of my books in my bookbag and wore my jacket all day long at school to avoid having to spend any more time than required exposed in the hallways. I used the bathroom right before I left for school in the morning and as soon as I came home. Sometimes, if I was certain no one was waiting around the bend in a car to beat the shit out of me, I had to stop and pee in the woods halfway between my school and the house because I just couldn't make it. Several times kids would pile up in a group outside my classes and wait to beat the living shit out of me as I walked out the door. The teachers rarely did anything but shoot me pitiful glances. Only twice did they ever ask the kids outside to leave. They just moved around the corner and into the stairwell and waited there instead.I know about bullying and I will plan for my child to be much better prepared than I was and I will do everything to go about this in a much better way than my parents did. My parents did little to help except offer words of encouragement. On one particularly scary day my father took off work and showed up ready to protect me. The kids kept their distance and he spent the entire ride home screaming at me for, "wasting his fucking time."Bullying sucks.

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