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So how do you suppose you would feel if sudlnedy you were unable to marry the person of your own choosing? How would you feel if you heard time after time that you are evil and God will cast you out if you don’t change the color of your eyes? How would you feel if you told your parents you deepest, darkest secret and they responded with kicking you out of the house at the age of 13? Don’t you think you’d be a little upset about it?The LDS church can believe whatever they want to believe – that isn’t the issue. For any gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person within the church, a hostile and very unwelcoming environment is fostered because of the words they hear time and time again from people who supposedly represent God, talking about something they do not have any control over. But, assuming that you don’t identify in any of those categories, I do not expect you to understand that sensation. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The people in Los Angeles protested the church because the First Presidency directly instructed their members to support Proposition 8 by way of “time and means,” thus essentially compelling all Californians, member and non-member alike, to adhere to their belief standards. That was inappropriate. The LDS church chose to fight marriage equality, and they did so very publically. The citizens of California exercised their constitutional right to assemble and protest the church’s involvement in California politics.One other thing to keep in mind, the church’s 12th Article of Faith states: “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” When they decided to get involved and seek after changing the California Constitution to align with their beliefs, I found that to show a great deal of disrespect for the California Constitution (i.e., California Law) and equal disrespect to the Supreme Court when they compelled their members to support the proposition. Do you not think the followers would answer the prophet’s call in that manner? You previously mentioned the 11th Article of Faith, which reserves their right to worship towards their own conscience as well as respecting others’ ability to worship how, where or what they may. Imposing ones’ belief on another in that fashion is in direct opposition to that statement. So as I observed, the church violated two of its own Articles of Faith by choosing to get involved politically. But, I digress.The point is, the church leaders need to be more sensitive to the impact their words have. President Packer delivered a talk that hurt many on a very deep level. Some members of the church agreed with what he had to say, but to others, those words stung hard. For anyone who has not been the victim of bullying or otherwise felt afraid to walk the halls of their school, church or even the street, they cannot comprehend the level of impact that can have. It is imperative that leaders embrace a Christ-like approach and find ways to soften their hearts towards others that may be a bit different.

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