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Well pooped! I mean well put, Mitch.
I wrote a lot about healing in my 2006 book
Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good.
As the energy psychology folks say "You
got to do the work". Meaning, if you don't, one of your
Subconscious multiple personalities ( or
neural networks if you want it in neuroscience-
ese) can grab control and self-sabotage
You. We are addicted not to our emotions but
To reenacting our core trauma... There
many other healing aids from bodywork to affirmations.
My current helpful one as I approach the
Summit of a 25 year long project is "I
Love and accept myselves just as we are".
Blissings to you Mitch..keep up the good work!

Candace great to hear from you! The idea that neural networks are in fact our personalities is pretty amazing information, and brings me back to What the Bleep! and how clearly that movie explained how we can rewire those networks every time we think new thoughts and get out of those patterns ...

I highly recommend Candace's book Everything You Need to Feel Go(o)d, its great!

many thanks for all you do, Candace! Mitch

Iam Happy to visit this site and its good to hear from you! The ideas are fanstatic,i feel good to read ur valuable information and its nicely that movie explained how we can rewire those networks every time... Beautifully written....

Thanks for sharing these with the world. This is a must see and must watch
piece of work which I would definitely recommend to my friends. Keep on posting
such delightful work.

The idea that neural networks are, our personalities are pretty amazing details, and return to what peeps!

Very seriously, but sometimes that positive thinking is smooth, looks fake, does not always create a great day, or to produce the desired result.

Well, you should use a coodnm.I mean, are you asking this so you won't have to use a coodnm or not?Anyways, I think it's a smart idea but I would only ask if it's serious or has the potential to be serious, you know? : )

Email from the Bride Candace : )WOW Sam, I thought I had cried all the tears I could the day of the Wedding,ok ok I acatluly cried for days, but these pictures are amazing. We lovethem and we love you. It was wonderful to share such a perfect day with sucha perfect photographer. We all had fun and were glad that you were a part ofit. Your pictures really captured our day but most importantly they capturedour heart and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am surethat I will cry many more tears every time I see the pictures. I wish therewas something more I could say or do that we express just how I feel aboutwhat you captured. Thank you soooo much Sam, We hope you will be a part ofthe legal ceremony when we are ready. Take care We wish you all the best.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

they wont do a HIV test unless you ask for one. if you call the planend parenthood they will tell you exactly how much it will cost but its probably gonna cost around $50 or more. they're a little pricey. you can def find some place cheaper.

First of all, are you using adequate pircettoon?Second, does your girlfriend know her viral load? This is a measure of how much HIV is circulating in her blood and it is an indication of how infectious she is (ie. how likely she is to pass on the virus).Many people taking drugs to treat their HIV can keep their viral load very low. Although this does not entirely eliminate the risk of infecting other people, it does reduce the risk significantly.I hope that helps!

HIV is the virus that leads to the disease AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome mienang its killing your immune system. you will not die from AIDS but you will die from a cold or flu etc because your immune system will not be strong enough to kill of the cold etc. there is treatment from HIV to slow down the process of it changing to AIDS. but it isnt guaranteed you will live your whole life. one day you could wake up and the medicine may not work anymore.STD = sexually transmitted disease. so it depends which one you are talking about..i do not believe you can die from herpes. so yeah you will live with that disease.i hope i helped!:)

Just saliva on a mucus maenrmbe is not at all likely to transmit the virus it is theoretically possible I suppose, but it has never been recorded.Worst case scenario, if you had a small cut the length of 10 needle widths, and the average amount of virus present in 50 nl of blood was in contact for a full second before the virus perished, there would be about a 5% chance of transmitting the virus that way. (Assuming an accidental needle stick brings 0.5ml of known HIV + blood into direct contact with your blood stream for 1000th of a second (risk there is about 0.45%)). That is when you know the person is HIV+. It could be higher with more blood, higher viral load, or a larger cut. It is lower if this is just any random person on the planet that gave the hand job. There are a lot of assumptions beneath that number, but they seemed reasonable. If you need to use saliva, just make sure it's your own =P

We are both so blessed to have had Chris and Sarah shoot our enemaggent photos and also accompany us to Punta Cana to share in our wedding day. They recorded the day so perfectly and captured every moment – every memory. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. The photos are absolutely beautiful and we will cherish them forever. They made it so easy and fun. We love the original ideas and concepts. We want to extend a big thank you to Chris and Sarah and all the staff. It would not have been the same without you!With Love

they put their saliva on your penis and she could have had a cut or siotehmng in her mouth and transmitted it that way. But don't worry unless you know for a fact that she has HIV, and get tested just to be sure.

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