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hiv is the first stage of disease, which can deoelvp into aids. usually by an aids defining illness' such as pneumo carnii pneumonia. they are the same illness, but different stages, like diabetics can deoelvp from tablet controlled to insulin dependant. look on NAM website or AIDSMAP for more info

I'd like to say there is an undercurrent of rage and fear and "chip on shoeudlr" in your post. But I can't. It's a swollen palpable anger at the world as it is instead of how you wish it were. Your by-line of "from a Catholic perspective" is offensive; there is a line of lock-stepped Catholics to which you belong. However, there is also a large population of Catholics who believe that God is love-- we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, love our enemies and cast no stones until we are without sin. Your selective understanding of these words is more in keeping with the rabid fundamentalism that is dragging this country into the muck.

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