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It is common uoengh and you don't want it. I know that many gay men were even more promiscuous in the days before HIV/AIDS my ex-wife was in theatre/ dance and I know. A few years back I was dating after divorced girls often declined condoms and if I sucked or bf with my guy friends sometimes it was bare. Once in a while I went to my city/county health department for HIV screening and if you answer a survey, you get a really good deal on the test plus counseling. I highly recommend this if you've ever had sex with more than one person and check out the US map with the number of AIDS cases and where they are. It's uoengh to make you want to go steady or get married.

but every once in a while, you see another apsect, which is surprising after a string of insulting one-liners: sensitivity. It's like there's an inner kitten in his roaring lion persona. Take this moving answer on a question about AIDS: Life isn't worth living without sex, but sex isn't worth dying over. Every gay man lives in relationship to this suffocating contradiction. Every new HIV infection is a gong that vibrates through the gay community, reminding us of our awful dilemma. In chapters ranging from cruising ( How to Stalk Your Prey ) to [release] ( The Utter Cream: How to Milk Your Man ) Alvear peppers us with humor-laced facts. Average erect size? 5.1 inches. Unless you're in a chat room, he writes. Then double it. Men are Pigs is a hilarious read, but take cover if you're easily offended. If this book were a radio station the FCC would pull its license for constantly barking out the seven words you're not allowed to say on the air.

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