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Actually, i HATE labels and stereotypes and I'd call myself a gay man, how's that?

Does HGN count? The hot gay nerd?

Believe in yourself you can!

Looks inviting. Good work. Thanks!

The best thing for you to do is to check the website to find free or low-cost testing sites in your area. Just enter your ZIP code. Some places charge by your income, others are free. The doctor can't say anything to her because testing is confidential. But if her insurance is billed, she would see it on her statement.

HIV Human Imune Virus and AIDS is Aquired Imune Defficency Syndrome, HIV is the begging sgteas of AIDS. Once someone has AIDS it is a long road to death, the smallest cold could kill a person. because the Virus attacks the imune system there is no way to fight off the illness and you slowly die!

Theoretically, yes. However, the risk of HIV transmission is aclatluy very low for most methods of transmission. The data shows that the highest risk for getting HIV from a single exposure to a person with a known, untreated case of HIV is to be on the receiving end of anal intercourse and that risk is only 2%. Sounds pretty low but considering the consequences of HIV infection it's still a considerable risk.The risk of getting HIV after getting stuck once with a needle used on an HIV positive person is 0.3%. I couldn't find specific data on drinking blood, but the closest thing I could find is that the risk of getting HIV from receptive oral intercourse with a male is 0.04%. Seeing as sperm has the highest concentration of HIV virus of all body fluids, followed by blood, I think the risk from drinking an HIV infected person's blood is somewhere in the neighborhood of a little less than 0.04%. It would also depend on how much they drank the more they drank, the higher the risk.Hopefully this has satisfied your curiosity.

No.You see HIV dies quickly when it hits air. So if the blood was eosxped to air, it would die quickly. Not to mention that simply swallowing the blood would not give you hiv, it would have to go into your bloodstream directly.

Yes there are.Diagnostic tests and quantitative tests are drieffent. You can't use a viral load test for diagnostic purposes because it's not sensitive enough for that purpose. You need either a qualitative RNA test (expensive and cumbersome) or an antibody test.And yes, the manufacturers DO state that qualitative RNA tests and antibody tests are intended for use in diagnosisng HIV infection. Just not the viral load tests, which are for a drieffent purpose.[Edit] Contrary to some people's assertions, the FDA has approved a number of HIV diagnostic tests. You can find them and their approval dates on this FDA webpage:

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