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Good video plus the good article certainly made this segment amazing.Keep it up! Great job! This one is an instant classic!


Quality production, but yet another pharmaceutical advertisement that promotes the idea that living with HIV is as easy as taking their meds and living healthy. All of these types of ads contribute to they type of unsafe sex that most young people engage in now.

I dunno, JOhn, the first thing I felt was its hopeful and uplifting, am I just being Naive?

Great video but it does not provide the entire picture of living on anti-HIV drugs. Yes you can continue to work and excel at sports if you are motivated to do so. However only if you can tolerate the drugs which have side affects like psychosis, bone density loss, liver and kidney failure and cardiac damage.

Hmm. In my opinion, it lacks of a certain advertisement regarding the info about HIV and the struggles of the person/patient.It lacks also the advertisement for the product that he is endorsing But the quality of video is really good.

nice video,also good for the hiv patient do it and try it to what do .

It is possible to live with HIV. This may not have been what you watend to hear though. Until you have a blood test you wont know and it may be that getting so worked up about it is having a psychosomatic effect on you. When people genuinely believe they have an illness it has been known that some symptoms can manifest just because of this strong belief that they are ill. Don't worry until you have that test. Until then always take precaution.

you are most likely fneeilg these symptoms because you are stressed out. truth is ALL of your symptoms can be attributed to stress. you have a very low chance of being affected by hiv. test yourself in 3 months but until then relax and dont have unprotected sex again. you will be fine just calm down

Its just nerves , I had the same prob when i thguoht i contracted the clap from somone who drank after me when i didn't know it . Needless to say im healthy and no clap , anyways you will be fine and even if you have it , you can wear a rubber and the pills to keep you alive cost 40 cents a pill .

You're automatically tesetd for HIV when you are pregnant. I'm the same way. I'm always so paranoid but I've come to the conclusion that we'll all die of something eventually. Can't sit around stressing. Even virgin's can be HIV Positive. There are other ways to contract it besides sex and needles. You live longer with HIV than you do with most cancers. Right now the average is 24 years. In 24 years that average will be 34 or 44 years. You could get wrapped around a tree tomorrow! Stop stressing. Canker sores very common. You probably have IBS from stress.Chances of getting HIV from an HIV Positive man from one sexual encounter is 1 in 1000. Chances of a gay man getting HIV from an HIV Positive man is 1 in 10.

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