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Your post was very informative.Thanks for sharing this to all.

vegetable and fruits added to medicine for HIV..thanks for posting that and sharing us.

Thanks for such a great blog to share with..I enjoyed reading it,very informative..

It shows just natural food can work wonders than medicine..

Thanks for your support and informative post.

I have just sero converted and am scared to death, one way to help me move on is to research how to do what i can to live the rest of my life to the fullest and maybe help others in the same situation. My diet is crap after reading this, thanks and open to any other help.

HI Flyboy, there is so much you can do to take control of your health and live a long and happy and healthy life, take responsbility and go for it, and dont let anyone tell you different! work with your doc, a nutritionist if you can, exercise and for sure, be good to yourself and reduce stress, best of luck and thanks for sharing that ive been there too...

Thanks for this interesting supportive article

Thanks for this interesting post. I have been looking for something like this for a while...

It's interesting that the Chinese have been using a system of food cures for centuries. Before there was medicine as we know it today, there was food. We have many simple ways already available to us to keep ourselves well and transform our health in the process. Using food as medicine is one of the best. It's just not promoted here in the US. No time like the present. luck.

I have a friend with HIV and ever since the Dr. told him he had to change his diet... went from fast food twice a day to basically twice a month and started eating healthy, things have changed. Of course there is no scientific proof that is the reason, but I am sure it had to help.

Very interesting article. One thing that gets missed alot by Oncologists is the fact that one should reduce consumption of simple sugars.

Great post..I found your blog only today and I thought I would start my comment right from here. One of the Most important topic that must be shared in blog.. Keep updating us with all such nice contents.

For HIV patients, one of the most important ways to treat this disease is through diet.

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I was just watching this video and rneaidg some of the comments here. I really can't believe some of the stupidity found in some of these comments. AIDS is a group of symptoms from an immunosupressed person from HIV viral infection. Having antibodies to the HIV virus in the blood doesn't equal immunity. HIV is still very real and very dangerous.HIV is spread from cell to cell by free floating attachment to receptors on T4 cells, and viral synapsis.Look up the videos here on youtube showing this.

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