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Im glad Obama stuck it through and got this done, it's essential for his presidency to succeed and this is a big step in that direction...

Almost all of these answers to your qutseion are wrong. HIV is not always transmitted during intercourse. The percentage is actually less than 5 percent (even without protection, as long as there is no ejaculation). The more you have sex with an infected person the greater your risk is of becoming infected. And some people are immune to HIV and their bodies will not accept the virus into their system. Also anal sex is a lot more riskier than vaginal sex and the odds go up of becoming infected.

A nice web master put an inirigutng blog post on Agony Of HIV Patient | Passionate About BloggingHere's a quick excerptAN elderly couple was recently found to have quarantined their HIV-positive son from the rest of the family by confining him in a chicken coop behind their house at Kempas Baru, Johor Baru, for two years. The couple was humiliated by

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