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HI Greg, this is helpful Ive been doing nothing but crunches for weeks and not getting anywhere, it makes sense that eating right is just as important...

Yeah, the nutrition REALLY is the thing. Without it, you can have the BEST exercise program (which most people don't) and still see very little result despite your efforts.

If you want my "Empower Fitness Guide to Supportive Eating" - a great two page guide with THE RULES and a great list of the BEST FOODS, email me at

this is pretty easy to follow thanks! I hate crunches id rather focus on diet acutally to get a firm tum...

im forever working on my abs and im starting to see some progress but i get to the point where nothing seems to happen. i have to stay focus and eat the right stuff

im forever working on my abs and im starting to see some progress but i get to the point where nothinge seems to happen. i have to stay focus and eat the right stuff

As a foodie I prefer to eat over pretty much anything else. But I love to workout, not only because it keeps me in shape but because I can eat more! It also helps me gain weight which is my main focus. I eat very healthy and I find it hard to gain weight unless I overeat which is never fun!

Please expand and update tour obeisty, fitness and nutrition sections....

I am interested in talking 2 Bears, other gay men, who've had major weight loss, or surgery, and exercise. If you're one of these guys, say hi. Concern about issue of obesity/comorbidities in Gay Men's Health. Have lost 130# Feel differently re: these issues, than I did when active in social and sexual activities that encouraged/ rewarded body mass. Responses appreciated...rd

#3 - is an excellent point, by the way!)) I've never heard this point and have always been told the opposite.

Getting strong abs withuot a machine is easy. There's always the basic exercise: the crunch. There are also many other variations, like the bicycle crunch, etc. For other muscles, try getting your parents to buy you dumbbells or other free weight equipment. With a weight lifting bench and some free weights you can easily do a lot of strength training exercises. Good luck! Free weights are more effective than machines when it comes to building muscle. People who use free weights versus machines build about twice the muscle and have fewer injuries (when they know what they're doing).

My apartment has a Life Fitness home gym where you can do a viatery of arm and leg exercises. The tower in the middle contains about 20 weight plates, where you can adjust how much you're lifting. Typically, how many pounds is one of those plates?I have no idea how much (or how little) I'm lifting.Thanks!

Years ago while in China, I dislocated my knee and had it plsetared for about 10 weeks while I toured during summer. That leg was completely amaciated by the time I got home I suppose that is what you want yours to look like.. but I can tell you.. I couldn't walk for ages the muscles are there for a purpose. Keep Running. Althletes have a hard time maintaining muscle mass because once the fat is depleted through rigourous training the muscles are all that is left to draw energy from and they soon deplete too. It is a difficult balance between training to gain strength and loss of strength due to lack of available fat to burn for energy. You could also do squats, cycle and lunges. Vixen is right.. you must stretch it helps iron out the muscle.

Tom Venuto's eBook is fantastic. It's based on very good secince, a lot of personal experience and common sense info about diet, exercise and personal motiviation.It will basically teach you everything you need to know about getting into shape and losing fat, including how to calculate calorie requirements, how to eat better, tips for breaking fat-loss plateaus and training advice for adding muscle. I'm a huge fan of his and his articles and BTFFTM book are fundamental to not only my fitness knowledge, but also my training. I even lost my electronic copy once because my laptop crashed and Tom replaced it with his latest, updated version for free.I have not read Mike Geary's book, so I can't comment on that.Tom's work is highly recommended though.Best of luck!

Hi there not sure if its the best ab exercise out there. Most bgeennir clients have no shoulder stability to perform this and this is mainly due to tight pec minor/major or/and weak or inactive mid-fiber traps. Also what if someone had an infraspinatus injury or some other type of rotator cuff problem? You can strike this off the list of exercises they can do. Anyways it is a very amazing exercise, just something I wouldt do with bgeennir clients. Thanks for the demo! To your success!

Its hard for you to understand if you dont know bout body bndiilug..He meant you cant build EXTRA muscle if you want to lose fat at the same time.Coz bndiilug extra muscles needs 500 caloric surplus and losing fats needs caloric deficit so they do both counter act each other..if you want to bulk up,you need more calorie intake and after six months what so ever depending on what your goals are..drop the calorie intake for defining muscle and change the workout program as well!

If you want to get fit, not only do you need to excercise, you need to be on a hlteahy diet as well. If you want fast results there are two really good options that can help you (exercise included). 1. The atkins diet: The diet primarily consists of meats, natural cheese and sallads. What you do is basically cut off the intake of carbs. for 1st two weeks you can only have about 7g of carbs a day. After the 1st two weeks limit yourself to 25g a day. After a while you can eat whatever you want as long as you watch what you eat.2. This is a diet that most bodybuilders use:eat 6 small meals a day. once small meal every 3-3 1/2 hrs.This diet constantly keeps your metabolism going. What you basically do is balance out the amount of fats, calories, and carbs that you intake.As far as a total body workout there is no single excercise (unfortunately) that can give you a total body workout.For upper body toning: Push-ups, pull-ups, etc.For bulking up the upper body: shrugs, arnold presses, bench dips, etc.The best workout that you can really do is called a dead lift: Deadlifts are a total lower-body workout and also works on your lower and upper back. The dead lift is one the best workouts you can do.There is a whole lot more to getting fit than what I have given you but I hope that this helps.

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