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Johnny had two great performances and deserved the bronze.

how can Weir be below two guys that fell badly several timnes> he didnt fall once>>>! he seems regigned to pooor scoring but he's a big star after this, ge was great!

the NBC commentators didnt have much to say either, that was for BRONZE, ehllo?

soeithmng about what the project is (though also soeithmng about what seem to me to be some sticking points). If you find the project rather congenial, then you'll want to read the book even if you don't like Weir's own version, there will be parts that you might find give you useful ideas to borrow. On the other hand, if you start rather out of sympathy, then (to be frank) I don't think the book does a clear enough job of selling the position to be likely to persuade you. I don't at all regret the time that I (very intermittently) devoted to the book: but it didn't work for me. Your mileage may vary!

I am reading a book that was just pusbilhed yesterday. WHOLESALE HUSBAND by Lilly Gayle, an American historical.Here's the Blurb:She needs his name. He needs her money. But can a rich New York socialite and a poor Irish immigrant find true love in the gilded age?Betrayed by her fiance9 and heart sick over her father’s death, Clarissa Burdick is further devastated when she learns she can’t inherit her father’s company—the company she loves—until she’s twenty-five or married. And Clarissa is neither. So she sets out to find a husband strong enough to protect her from her uncle’s thugs, too uneducated to run the company himself, and poor enough to marry a woman in name only. But Irish immigrant Devin Flannery is smarter than he seems and more educated than Clarissa expects. Her Wholesale Husband soon proves a greater risk to her heart than her company.As far as I have read. I am already hooked!

the chances are very high its aawlys important you use a condom whether its oral or anal sex .that way you wont spread hiv to others .men with hiv can still have sex but they have to be safe about it protection 100% of the time

a lot. I know it's difficult to dnatsice ourselves from people we like, even if they've treated us badly, but reaching out and getting nothing in return will only chip away at your self esteem more and more. You say maybe if you'd just put out or just shut up you wouldn't have been cheated on, but that's such a horrible way to think. Anyone who pushes you to get what they want sexually or otherwise, has no respect for you. Even if you'd let your friend go down on you, it doesn't guarantee she'd still be around. As for tips on self esteem, well I'm not the best at this myself but I'll try You said even when you were smaller you had low self esteem, which makes me wonder if something else and not weight is at the root of your issues. Maybe look at your past and see if there are things that have caused you to feel bad about yourself. You don't need to divulge anything personal, but the majority of the time, excess weight is the result of using food to cope with some type of trauma in one's life. That I mostly learned from Oprah but I do agree with it. It's very odd, but last year when I became attracted to the woman at work, I started losing weight. I was eating a little less, but I really didn't make any huge changes, and I know I wasn't more physically active. Maybe subconsciously I felt I was a lesbian and was hiding it under all that fat, but once I started to admit to myself this could be who I really am, the weight started to drop. I'm not saying I'm a perfect size 6, very far from it, but I do believe there is a connnection between being overweight and emotional/psychological issues.Sorry, still haven't given you self esteem tips. Again, I'm no expert but maybe start with little things. You're a mom raising a son on your own (I think?) and working full time. In my book that makes you awesome already. It takes a strong woman to do that, and YOU ARE STRONG! Give yourself credit for that. Really look at your body, I'm sure you have some great features like amazing curves, strong shoulders, gorgeous skin. If you can afford to, pamper yourself with a manicure or pedicure and some really great clothes. If money is an issue, maybe choose one little thing like a really great hair cut. When you look good, you start to feel better too. I'm not saying change your appearance so people will like you, but make it reflect the feisty woman you are inside. Those of us who are overweight spend so much time hiding in unflattering things because we don`t want to be noticed. I realize it probably isn`t so easy, but try to make a little time for yourself, even if it is just a half hour before you go to bed. Getting your thoughts together and giving yourself time to relax might help if you are feeling overwhelmed, a feeling which often makes us believe we are no good since we think there is something wrong with us if we can`t handle the million things that get thrown our way on a daily basis. The self esteem journey is different for all of us but I think the most important thing to realize is that we can`t count on another individual for our happiness. They can add to our happiness, but if we aren`t happy with ourselves and don`t love ourselves, no relationship will ever be successful. As for meeting people, there are lots of lesbians and bi women out there with children. Perhaps there is a group you could join where you could make some great friends who could always introduce you to other women. Also, maybe find queer positive businesses close to you like cafes and bookstores where you have a better chance of meeting someone. I too am having a really hard time with this especially since my small city doesn`t really have a lesbian scene. I think we just have to throw ourselves out there. I know easier said than done. Don`t rush things, and believe that once you really start to love yourself, things will slowly start to fall into place. You took a big step by posting on here, so give yourself credit for that and remember you are not alone:)Marika

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