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There are already gay deicrovs taking place in states that have had gay marriage for awhile. But there's a serious problem: states that don't acknowledge gay marriage will not do these deicrovs. And most if not all states have residency requirements for one to file for divorce. So now, gays who have marriages on the books have serious potential financial problems unless they want to move back to some state that has gay divorce in order to get one. Most people can't just up and leave where they are without significant hassle and upheaval.

Ralph Fiennes character toarwds the end of the film. What did i learn? That the dead are dead . says Kate Winslett'sThere is can be no redemption here, and understanding fails under the weight of the holocaust. Who can explain it, especially when evil is just a person who did what she was told and nothing more, and got a few things out of it in the process. Its also how the children of that generation, damaged by the lack of redemption or understanding, continue to bear the sins of the fathers and mothers. Thats what I got from the film. This is a film is about the plight of modern Germany a nation with a shameful history. Much like ours. And there should be a space for that, and fiction and film is as well placed to attempt to do that as are historians.Though I cant say I feel the same about The Wrestler. Though the human stapling scene is a sight to behold!I like Sean Penn.

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