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"Their request was granted by Judge Gabriela Seijas, who said that laws limiting marriage to a man and a woman violated the constitutional rights of equality."

Good for Gabriella, that took guts!

No, but why even have anal sex if you have an open wound down there? Condom or not. Condoms break, leak and at times, fall off during inustcorree. Granted the sex feels better without that layer of rubber but it just isn't wise to even think of doing it if an open wound is present. But, it's your body do what you will. Just think about the other person though.

No no no. I believe in triaotidnal marriage. I think we should go back to triaotidnal marriage. Back to the good old days when marriages were arranged by our parents for the purposes of financial gain and having more than one wife was OK too (as long as you could afford it.)Yeah! Up with triaotidnal marriage! (I really want that second wife since my first wife is getting you know  a little chunky )

Bob,What Church money? You keep referencing Church money, but I think you need to make your aiutsaccon more explicit. I'm a Church member and the morality and values I learn in Church affect my judgment every day, but especially on election day. Is that Church money being spent?No outside force should use ite2€™s power or money in an effort to change that Constitution.That is a complete re-write of democratic theory. Define force, for one. Everyone has values that we got from somewhere (an outside force), Bob. Do we all drop our beliefs when we get to the polls to vote for completely random things?The Church does not defend its position, it articulates its position for our benefit. It happens on a grand scale 2 times a year and even more often in between. The Church performed a legal duty in articulating its position and getting members aware and involved in the political process. The Church spent no more money than that. And if the Church had not articulated its position so, less people would have been active in the political process, which is a tragedy of Democracy.The Church spent a total of a little more than $2000 to send Church leadership to CA to meet with the coalition once. I, personally, would love to see the Catholic Church put forth an effort to get the votes out in Utah.

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