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I dont believe there is a ceitarn fruit that anybody has discovered that helps against hiv more than any other, but blueberries are the healthiest. The number one thing you can do to keep healthy I believe is keep your stress and anxiety levels down. Try not to think about things too much because when your stress is up, your immune system is down.

, I understand that some envmionrents are not the best for coming out in. However there is nothing evil or wrong with it. As for whether you are attracted to boys or girls .personally it sounds like at this point of time in your life you are attracted to both. And that is fine. If things don't really feel right with most boys, then it may be very likely that you are more inclined towards girls. The two serious relationships you mention in your post are the relationship with the girl that you ended up breaking up with, and the relationship with the boy that you just broke up with.Since you broke up with your girlfriend it sounds like you have had many doubts and regrets and that you have thought of being with another girl often, but just don't really know how to go about it. It gets easier as you grow up to find areas to meet with like-minded individuals, but it is something that you may have to struggle with for a while. Coming out, if it is safe for you, may be a good way to start. Girls will be more interested in you if they know that you are available to be interested in. Other than that, I think it is very similar to boys. You flirt, make eye contact, and ask them about themselves. If they react positively, you can try to find out what their views are on the LGBT community, or ask if they would be willing to date a girl. Or you could ask them out on a date. ^^ If they are a laid back type of person they probably won't freak out too much about it even if they are straight. The key thing is to use your judgement. Whether you end up being straight, bi, pan, or lesbian, I wish you the best of luck. Remember, how you classify yourself in the end is 100% up to you. Only you know you, and no one else can tell you that. ~Z

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