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"the couples I've known who have gone for therpay have all divorced"That's because marriage counseling doesn't work. If you can manage to speak to any therapist off the record, they will all admit to you that all it amounts to is the wife whining the whole time because of wildly unrealistic expectations that are now built into our very culture. It's not really the fault of therapists, because if a therapist was to point out the truth each time that women are to blame 98% of the time for a miserable marriage because American women are miserable people, he/she would probably even end up losing their license. If it gets to the point of marriage counseling, it's already over. The smart thing to do as man is to not get married in the first place.Therapy in general has pretty much been shown to be a useless and dead practice- an antique from another time when the laws and culture still made some semblance of sense. Worse, the field of psychology has become nothing more than a dangerous political tool used by the hate group called Feminists to use in stripping more and more basic human rights from men.

why do sodomites pdraae around in skimpy clothing?..becasue theyre perverts..these beasts arent a race or special group.thats very obvious God is watching,and son sodom and gomorrah will come to doomed america..the Bible calls you sodomites filthy beasts .disgusting evil demonic nasty things barf!!puke!!.

or that others have aelardy said so i'll try to be brief ^ the argument linking marriage strictly to the need to have a raise children has more holes than swiss cheese. there are so many examples of children successfully raised outside of what is considered traditional marriage' that it this point is moot. it is also made moot by the fact that the divorce rate is so high among heterosexuals and hetero couples either a) raise children badly or b) don't have children at all.^ i just can not see the merit of linking gay marriage with the downfall and discrimination of institutional religion (or at least the ones that oppose gays and gay marriage). there are quite a few parts of quite a few religions that are far from being universally accepted and there is no evidence that the religions themselves are being pushed into corners' for their beliefs. example: it is well known that the catholic church prohibits birth control as part of church doctrine. however, many catholics themselves simply ignore this and there isn't much in the way of discrimination against the church for their beliefs. the church also forbids pre-marital sex which their own members overwhelmingly routinely ignore. i believe that if gay marriage were to be made legal, any church that still preaches against it will be listened to be their members and those who don't believe it will simply ignore what is said. funny now that i mention it i could rattle off a list of church doctrines that are routinely ignored and not explicitly adhered to. gay marriage would simply become another.

Yeah a therapist that won't be skcohed once gets to know about your problems but that also won't be like, "What's going on with you is no big deal after all, yes you've been raped seven times, but I had patients who had been raped seventy times." Rigid opinions -- a therapist that shouts to sin, shame or selfishness whenever you mention suicide, whether you've been contemplating it or you had lost a loved one to suicide (I am a bereaved sister) is a bad therapist or that's just his opinion and he has every right to have them? And what about therapists that cringe at you because your performaces at school or at work have been deteriorating from time to time (pretty common if you're going through a stressful time, I guess) and you even ended up quitting everything?

WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCHA CRITICAL BITCH?My English makes sence. Your were obviously one of those girls in gr.12, who are book worms and are picky with nicks and nacks there..why?WHY>? who gives a fuck. you tell ahnoter reader to read my comment..yes it will make sence to them. Why are you being so stern about this?They probably can agree with me. But, it's you , who does not want too. Shame?Yes.Btw, not only is it not selfish, but its sad to see that you are really taking this message as so personal. Spelling, yes it does matter. To some (you) its personal, and im sorry that (your) having to think that way, yes probably, makes the brain vommit.Accept everyone for who they are, not as they write.Accept those who (want and try) to accept you.I am. But, your not letting me.You do not need to come off as a perfectionist bitch to try and act as awannabe English critic.Is this so hard to come by?Jeez.

As with ANY disease, the Common sense anwser to your particular question is easy to find using a thought experiment ;Have ANY relatives or employees of the evil pharmaceutical empires you imagine ever contracted HIV or died from complications of AIDS? If they HAVE, then do you seriously imagine they are so wedded to profit they would allow their own to do rather than give up a few dollars? If nobody associated with Big Pharma ever dies of any disease, you MIGHT have cause for concern .otherwise you are just being gullible .

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