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I think LP's gamblers with auotcncs online/in the NT should take a look at spreading some money across the best picture and director categories. Slumdog' is prohibitive favourite, paying less than $1.10 in both categories, with Benjamin Button' at much longer odds for both director and film yet we're supposed to believe that The Reader, Milk, Fost/Nixon and their respective directors are all crazy longshots.The English patient was the last UK film to win in both categories, and it did so thus:The English PatientFargoJerry MaguireSecrets & LiesShineAnthony Minghella The English PatientJoel Coen – FargoMiloš Forman – The People vs. Larry FlyntScott Hicks – ShineMike Leigh – Secrets & LiesThe fix is in, Slumdog' isn't winning both categories against as strong a field of prestige movies as there is this year.(Jesus, did I hate what Minghella did to Michael Ondaatje's novel, total butchery by a hack TV director who didn't learn his cinema craft until he made Ripley', which of course was after he was feted by Hollywood.)

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