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I cant say I agree with you Spiros for a number of resnoas. What would you do? is not of historical interest only, and is not of interest to Germans only. The book itself was written in the early 90 s when it was topical to Germany and is still topical they arent all dead yet. My friend's father for instance, who resides in this country, is a citizen of this country, is still alive here in this country was in the Hitler Youth and is still an fan of Hitler's ideas and exterminations. My friend must try to come to terms with this, as would no doubt many other Germans or German Australians. My other friend's father is a survivor of the camps. Read Anna Rosner Blay's Sister, Sister if you want to know about how the next generation gets affected there, or Lily Brett for that matter. Its topical alright because my friends' generation is still being affected by earlier generation's actions. That is one of the ideas in the film and the book that the weight of the sins of the perpetrators is carried by their children.But beyond that, genocides have occurred since then which renders the question very topical indeed to all of us. If the film explores Germany's history, it is a history which has been repeated since then, in Asia and Africa, and is likely to occur again and again. The reason the holocaust is so high profile is that it happened at the hands of a people whose nation was once the jewel in the crown of the European enlightenment and if anything else, this gives the lie to the idea that western civilisation is a protection against barbarism and depravity. It is not.Its a painful film because its about the relationship between the two generations. And that relates to us in Australia who must also come to terms with our own history of violence towards Aboriginals. Its why the apology happened. Its been 200 years since white people landed here. Do you think that single act is of historical interest only? So it will be with Germany. The holocaust will never fade into history because the ramifications will be felt for generations amongst both the descendents of the survivors and perpetrators.

Ya this is really pahtetic. I honestly don't have a problem with gays, if they want to get married fine I don't give a fuck. Plus, Modern Family is a great show. But this shit is pahtetic. Butch McDyke might has well have sent her kid up to the brainless pair of tits with a couple notecards. This was so forced and rehearsed the kid just ends up looking like a failure and the mom comes off like raging rug muncher who only went lezz cause no man could deal with her shit.

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