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well i found this quite a read, thanks and good luck like the attitude for sure...

A good start. Good attitude. The synical questions that fun through your mind I can relate to just being an old partly out gay man. I don't have a sign tatooed on my forehead saying I'm gay. Most folks don't want that staring them in the face. Lots of str8 people have a stupid fear of gays. As well as HIV. Ignorance breeds fear which breeds intolarance which in turn can lead to hate. Battles an alternate life style people will always have to do battle with. So we do what we can and do what we must and f
make new friends if that is what it takes to move on in our daily life. And to hell with the rest. A closed mind is just that, Closed. So walk on by that mind it's not worth you personal agony. Will check in frm time to time. Thanks 4 the Blog Peace & Healing Energy

Glad to have read this. I've been positive for over 8 years now, and so far, I've experienced nothing but acceptance and support from my family and close friends. It's been an eye-opening experience for me, ironic for someone who was afraid of the virus and the people who carry it. What a twist that I would end up with the virus myself, huh? Anyway, I look forward to reading future posts.

Your words were helpful for me to understand the challenges of someone who has AIDS. Gay or straight, the general public needs to learn more about AIDS and the experiences of those who get it. I'm straight, and I'm grateful for the education. I hope you'll continue to write about this, Teddy. Thank you so much!

Thank you everyone for writing in with the encouragement, I'll be writing a new blog post soon. I'm so glad Chris that this helped you as a straight man relate a bit because certainly didn't understand either, I had no clue about this and am sure I brought some judgments to those living with HIV...

if you like feel free to forward this blog to others, this is about opening minds and hearts and education, first and foremost... thanks again!

Denne artikel var yderst interessant, isr fordi jeg sgte efter tanker om dette emne sidste torsdag.

This content deserves to be applauded as it makes us believe as it true. I follow quite a few blogs but I have never visited such an astounding post earlier. Honestly speaking I cherish following your work as it inspire me a lot.And yes i have tweeted your site .

Jeg tnkte, nu, hvis vi kan tale om dine websteder statistik - sgevolumen, etc, jeg forsger at websteder kan jeg kbe adspace igennem - lad mig vide, hvis vi kan tale om prisstning og whatnot. Cheers mate du laver et stort stykke arbejde selv.

Hey, I don't think that they mean only Africa, they might mean other parts of the world where people are strvniag, heck, even in the USA and Canada they have strvniag people. I think that they're just speaking in general Have a Merry Christmas!

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The answer is C. People with HIV have a daesecred ability to fight off infections. Some of the diseases that they are more prone to getting are Kaposi's Sarcoma, Pneumocystis Carnii, and Toxoplasmosis.

I never had traditional reaatprive therapy so I don't know how useful this will be for your purposes here. I am currently a 3rd year law student in MI and I want to say right up front, if there is anything I could possibly do to help further this project I would be more than happy to help.I was married to a man in the bible belt for 10 years. My story is one of sitting in church week after week hearing the pastor berate gays and explain to us that if we had enough faith in God, we would be healed. I spent literally years of Sundays combing the Bible while my pastor spoke. I searched frantically, week after week, for the one scripture that would help me overcome these feelings and put them to rest once and for all. I prayed an endless sea of prayers to just make it go away and to just make me normal. I spent years seeing psychiatrists and therapists for deep depression and bipolar disorder which I was treated for. The years of repression literally fractured my psyche. I kept my feelings repressed until I was 28 and that's when my fortress walls cracked. The day I could no longer deny my attraction to women is a vivid one for me. I thought I had eradicated all those feelings from me and here they were again. Within 3 days I was laying in my bed unconscious from an overdose of prescription medication. I believed in my heart that the only way to make the feelings go away was to die. I also believed that it would be less shameful for my family if I committed suicide than it would be to have a gay wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, or sister. I almost succeeded in taking my life on that day. Since then I made the decision to live a life consistent with who I am on the inside. That decision cost me the grandmother I had always considered my main nurturer in life and it cost me the daughter I had during my 10 year marriage. I have regular contact and visits with my daughter but she was not allowed to visit me in my home for 3 years after I came out. My court case was monitored by the ACLU and is long and involved. It took place in Southern Illinois before an extremely religious judge. For brevity's sake, that is the reason I am currently in law school. I took my pain and my anger and turned it into first finishing my undergrad, and next attending law school. Today I am no longer angry. I suffer the residual pain that will forever be associated with being separated from my daughter. I no longer suffer from depression or any other form of mental illness. I was formally released from care from my longest treating psychiatrist shortly after separating from my husband. Today I am a very happy and positive person because I am finally at peace with myself and living a life that is consistent with who I am on the inside. I no longer feel the need to change who I am and that is freedom and liberation to me. Today I am glad that the person I was back then did not succeed in taking my life from me because that person was simply a reflection of what others wanted me to be that I could never be. Through my journey, I have learned to put every ounce of energy I once put toward loathing myself and changing who I am into being at peace and loving myself. If there is any way I could be a help to others via your work with the SLPC I would love to be a part of it.

Testing should be free at any Health Dept. futonicn.HIV testing cannot be mandatory. They have to have your express permission to perform this test.They can do the other tests without doing the HIV test with no problems.Mark

If you think marriage is the end-all-be-all, this brief adenvture in amateur filmmaking does not provide enough reasons to explain its obsession with it. Being together as a couple for a long time and formally proving one's commitment to the other is the only argument given for wanting a contractual legal bonding. Any other pros, and absolutely no cons, of matrimony are considered. The story of a lesbian relationship, however, is soon hijacked by the coming-out saga of a teenage male and his relationship with his stepfather and visiting Gay biological father. For whatever reason, making a 50 minute movie about two Asian lesbians, their families and mixed cultures (one is Chinese, the other Japanese) was not good enough for the filmmaker.

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