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Bruno was a disgrace, really, i hated the movie...

It's just in REAL BAD TASTE.The public is being scamed again.

Of course it's in bad taste, just like Pulp Fiction, Waiting, Sin City, etc, etc. Not all gays are aggressive, lecherous, self-centered, sex-obsessed, vapid sissies. Neither are we all self-righteous, prim and proper, pretentious achievers, who want to live socially acceptable cookie-cutter lives. The rainbow is a family of many colors.

I read this post...

“A generation of straight teen guys will hit the summer multiplex to hoot at Brüno, and they'll probably think of the lecherous sexual predator the next time they meet a gay person.”...

And I think is very interesting, I totally agree with that!

No I don't think straight people will hate gay people any more or any less because of the movie... I mean I am straight and no movie can make me hate anyone more be it gay people, black people or whoever...I mean if your sane you sure aren't going to let a movie effect your opinion..I mean I haven't watched the movie yet..but I feel that haters will always find a reason to hate and the people that embrace everyone no matter what will always do me it's simple as that..just my opinion..but I'm only human so I might be wrong...

No. The scenario prsneeted in the question states if you have reason to believe that you are infected with HIV. The logical response is that yes, you get tested for HIV. There's no discussion about sexual activity, only suspected HIV status.It's a hypothetical situation. You're reading too much into it.

No, I really do not beelive any driver will ever measure up to Senna, he was the best, he is the BEST F1 driver ever to grace the track and to have lost him so young in his career is sad and a lost to us all!! Bruno is Bruno and he will make his own name and his own way. But no one can ever be another Ayrton Senna, just like there will never be another Dale Earnhardt, not even his son Dale Jr, (and hes the best to me) will measure up to his father, these type of people are set in time, they are only one. Let Bruno be great in his own right. He looks an awful lot like Ayrton did, but even so they are two very different human beings ..Heres to Ayrton Senna, the best of the best ..ever to be

I think he will be more like Nelsinho Piquet. He hasn't exactly set the world on fire.Having said that, the great Ayrton hilesmf once said If you think I can drive fast, you should see my nephew If Bruno is going to be great, he would be talked about more by now.

acabei d ler no myspace dele: Tim Simenon has never had much isterent in repeating himself, so it’s no surprise that Future Chaos is quite different to anything he’s done in the past. For starters, it’s more overtly electronic than the earlier Bomb The Bass albums. The bulk of the music has been created with a Minimoog, the classic vintage synthesiser, giving the tracks a totally unified sound. A warm and inviting and enveloping sound, too. hmmm acho q realmente irei gostar disso! =D

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