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Many clinics do free HIV/Aids teistng, look in your local yellow pages under HIV/Aids. Also in every county are free clinics for STD teistng, also look in your phone book for your local county hospital they can direct you.

Oh,I know! Isn't that interesting!!? Mainstream therikns have not heard a lot about this, but I think it is starting to spill over these days. I really thought What The Bleep gave so many things to think about. And have you ever read Christianne Northrup? She is an MD, who works with women. In her book, Mother/Daughter Wisdom, she talks about this idea, and also how we can have emotional garbage passed down to us on a cell level. She tells a story of one of her patients, who was having all this loss happening-- her kid leaving for college, her dog died, ect-- all connected to her feelings of mothering, and she developed this big ball in her breast like a cyst, but when they took a look, it turned out she had started lactating! At fifty something!:)

Errr, no its not a pile of new age crap. It includes major quack Ramtha, along with other qucaks like that water-crystal guy that never peer reviewed any of his work, but it also contains some very reputable scientists like William Tiller, John Hagelin, Stuart Hameroff, Dr. Andrew Newberg, David Albert and others. Just because the producers are qucaks too does not retract from the valid points made by these respected people, only a myopic sycophant would be as close minded to say so.

Candace Pert was on to something with Peptide T and modern medical, NIH and Big Pharma all knew it- but
of course, they can't allow a real CURE to get loose into the public now, can they? So, instead they have Candace Pert off'd to keep their medical monopoly to themselves. How trite a "heart attack"?
Give me a break- heart attack gun- anybody heard of it? Ask the CIA

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