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Instead of eating vegetables, choosing the right kind that suits you is good.

, since most people who have HIV have no mptysoms for several years, you can not tell if someone has HIV just by looking at them. Getting an HIV test is the only way to find out for sure if you have HIV.HIV is the virus that damages the immune system by killing CD4 cells, the cells our bodies use to fight infections. Once the CD4 cell count drops to 200 or below, AIDS is diagnosed. These days, medications can help people who have HIV live longer, healthier, and increase the amount of time between diagnosis of HIV and diagnosis of AIDS.

I have been put on a low-carb diet by my gynecologist bcaeuse I am insulin resistant and have reactive hypoglycemia. I have purchased several cookbooks (including Atkins) and have found the dishes to be too fancy for my family's tastes (especially my 9-year-old stepdaughter). BACK TO PROTEIN provides quick,easy and TASTY recipes which the whole family can enjoy. I appreciate the short ingredient lists and the fact that the ingredients can be easily found in my local grocery store. We especially enjoy the ground beef and chicken recipes (mock pizzas and mock lasagna are terrific!) I also love the crock pot recipes for easy end-of-the-day meals!!I can't wait until Mrs. Doyen writes another cookbook. I'd love to have some more crock pot recipes for chicken and roast beef! Thank you for a terrific cookbook which has made it much easier to follow a low-carb diet. I feel great and it is so easy to stick with my diet when given such a wide variety of meal choices.

Yes. We had the same question about our son for pitnutg on weight. As long as you follow the instructions for the powder it should be okay.GNC is a great place to get your needs met, be sure to talk to the store employees there, they are knowledgable and will be able to help you find the right products for you. Be prepared to spend a lot of $ , some of the supplements are expensive.Be sure to eat other healthy foods, get those muscle building exercises in place and drink plenty of water.Good luck!

Dear Ms. England; Who knows what tommorrow Brings In a World, Few hetars Survive All We have is the Here & Now, All our lifes out there to find The Road is long There are Mountains in Our Way But we Climb a Step Everday God lift Us up Where we Belong Where the Eagles fly, on a Mountain High Soundtrack.. Officer & A Gentleman [Joe Cocker/Jennifer Warnes]{Electra-ASCAP Records & Tapes} Used with Emphasis Added.I'm in the Don't Ask, Don't Touch Camp myself.Enduring that all this injustice, will wash-out in the Spin Cycle. Faith in things Unseen.See Also: Good Heart Day -[His Holyness Dahli lama] Buddhist perspective on the Christian Gosple Beyond Words Publishing

Not sure about how long it can survive out of the body but it is only a blood borne diesase, meaning you can ONLY get it from blood to blood contact, not from saliva or sneezes or anything like that- the only exception is if the saliva is in some way blood-stained.

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