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"well, in that case I'm quite sure I will never get married then" as in [you've got to do it yorueslf to get it done correctly kind a gir] not really true but that's what I felt reading it. I dunno, maybe we're just too progressive and don't understand that everyone else want the world to stay the same as the last hundred/thousand years /bitter woman without a ring who still thinks we can change the world, maybe if we have a lot of money and wack out all those mindless tv reality shows with "winner gets a RING and a husband to take care of you"

Wow, you really are paittehc. Newflash, genius. Women want sex as much as we do. You don't hold as much sexual power as you think you do. So get over yourself.Marry you or move along? That's very easy. There or many women out there who don't need to be married to have sex.Oh, and quit acting like it's the fault of men that you get aids. Last time I checked you can spread aids to us. Maybe we men should give YOU an ultimatum instead.

This is an amazing video. I have many nebroihugs in Northeast London who are WOTCH clients. They have shared this with me. I have tried to educate myself about WOTCH but I have to say that this video did more than my prior efforts on the web site. I would also like to say that I am aware of the work that the late Dr. Harold Mountain did with others to get WOTCH started. My condolensces go out to Dr. Mountain's family and friends. He was an amazing man who has left an amazing legacy in WOTCH.

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