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Well, in of itself is an acneint science. Most acneint cultures used the stars as a means of farming, travel and time keeping. As far as what you see in horoscopes, those are GENERAL descriptions of what you are. is broken down by planets. Your Sun Sign might be a Leo, but your Moon Sign could be Cancer. This would make you less eager to be in the spotlight like most Leo's would. When a professional does your chart, you will be required to give the following information:Birthdate, Time, Year & Location. With this information we can decipher anything you wish to know.As a side note, if you read your it won't be right 100% of the time. Nothing is!

lacubanita75 pisze:I think leo and caecnr is a good match. I'm a caecnr and my best friend is a leo, and I haven't found anyone that I match as well with. Unless, it's a capricorn (other bestie), but even then not to the same extent usually.I've met leo guys and I think they appreciate that able to see past their manly and sometimes show-offy ways .to who they really are. They really aren't aggressive like that, they are genuinely nice and caring people. I think they have good intentions. Sigh, I dunno lol. Just try it out with a caecnr you get along with and see if what I say plays into action.From my expereince sagg and leo is good, but aries and leo is NOT. Like, it can be at first cuz the aries appreciates the leo and stuff usually, and well the leo loves that^^, BUT eventually the aries will want to change the leo too much and the leo just can't handle it They both have incredibly strong egos, as in, they like to be prideful of themselves so it's hard for them to let go of some things sometimes in an argument such as..their point of view lol. So yeah, watch out for that. And power struggles and trying to dominate the other and stuff sometimes, too.Leo and Scorpio is pretty good as well, cuz the Scorpio usually loves the leo a lot (depending on the leo if the leo is TOO attention needy and seems to be fake, the scorpio will be nowhere around someone like that) But on the other hand if they're not, they will be very loyal to the leo, and the leo wil appreciate that. JUST don't FLIRT leo. If you flirt .that's the end of it. Try to keep it under control. Lol. Seriously, the scorpio is very sensitive though strong and determined. Try to understand your scorpio guy and see where he's coming from. He will adore you, but he still expects a lot from you.

leftie1959 pisze:Here are the pros and cons of 2 perfect match ..Aries and Sagittarius..If you can get past the baltte over who has the biggest ego, this can be a real winner for both.Both are egotistical and need attention so this would be a fight for who gets the most. If neither takes the other seriously this could work out . Both are dynamic energetic creatures. Leo is generous and good hearted. Aries is open to life. If they can compromise this could be a good union. Leo and SagittariusYou are the rainbow over Leo's head and Leo is the pot of gold you have been looking for.They both like freedom, adventure and meeting new people. Sagittarius is perfectly content to let Leo strut. Great combo. But what Leo has yet to learn is that Sagittarius gives' to everyone, but no one captures his or her exclusive attention for long; Leo could get his or her heart broken in this scenario. Sagittarius must have his/her space' for exercising the personal freedom so well loved by the centaur. Sagittarius cannot understand Leo having fits of jealousy over a few harmless flirtations of his/hers, but will be very possessive of Leo.Being an outdoor person and a sports enthusiast, Sagittarius will not mind if Leo prefers to stay at home in comfort, as long as they can reach agreements on other recreational pursuits for togetherness.If Leo does not try to tame this one, and does not condemn and argue over the sexual indescretions that he/she commits, Sagittarius may someday decide that there is no reason to look elsewhere for the satisfaction he/she can find at home.To create success together create a common vision of the future.

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