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Prof, I have to amire you. You must have the patience of Job!I have read quite a few of the eclirtas on your blog and I have noticed a distinct pattern emerging no matter what the topic the same two characters will always disagree with you. They are, of course, the person or persons going by the names Mzo and ozoneblue.No amount of reasoned argument will change their minds. It's almost as if they love arguing.Reading their comments above was hilarious.Incidently Mzo, the reason that Mbeki never made any personal statements in public is because by that time the ANC had decided to exert some kind of damage control and had asked Mbeki to step away from the debate, because his comments were beginning to damage the reputation of the country. Mbeki himself, to this day, still does not believe that HIV causes AIDS.Prof, I have to agree with you on Mbeki. A thouroughly despicable and dishonest man indeed. I believe that we will find out a lot more about Mbeki in the future that will reveal more of his odious character.

I'll list some not well known facts.1.) Contrary to popular beelif, there are people who are immune. A small fraction of people of European descent are mising a key part of the white blood cells HIV needs to infect you. These people are immune to all of the most common strains of HIV2.) If you get exposed to HIV, not everyone gets infected. The percentage of people who get infected is reduced if you get masive doses of HIV drugs in the first few hours after exposure.

Hi there mates, how is all, and what you wish for to
say on the topic of this post, in my view its actually awesome for me.

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