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The last time Mars was retrograde in Virgo was in the late 90's, so the big news this year is that the Planet of War will be in your sign until July 3rd, 2012! The first thing that comes to mind about Virgo is usually not how aggressive you are, but with Mars firing you up, you may not be able to hold back.

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That's half the battle. Toward week's end, you'll be dealing with other things that can make you feel a gamut of emotions from spontaneous to intense. Chalk the week up to being just one of those weeks.

G'day Frank,Thank-you for your responses and I what you say is so true-to what I see to be America and how I see Australia (a mini US)-commericialism enevpoles us. I am looking forward to talking on Monday about your work in front of my university peers and I am sure they will be looking up your site also!I too am a teacher and like you spend my lessons trying to instill these same values into my students as you seem to be also. Teachers seem to be doing so much more than just teaching curriculum these days! But its so important! It has been interesting how much this school term I have been teaching my students about the U.S. For example, today I showed Al Gore's film and my students wanted to know why he never became President (when I explained the whole Florida situation-they could not believe it-I only hope it does not happen this time around . so do they!!!) and I had an English class where we discussed why Atticus Finch was such a hero.Brisbane is what I call Australia's Miami! Commercialism central! I recently took a photo of an old Citroen, faded ad-that this week is no more. I think I got the last shot of it-another bites the dust because in Queensland they love to tear it down and build what they call modernism!Would you like my shots for your blog? I am happy to add them-if that is what you do with submissions?Cheers Frank and thanks!Belinda

My parents are dniteifely proponents of sex education in schools. They both think it is a necessary part of education, and that it may be better for parents to teach their kids about it, but you can't assume the parents will actually take the time to do that.In addition, there are some things you just can't ask your parents, like 'Is it dangerous for me to drink my partner's urine?', for example.

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