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Christian churches, ildnucing the Mormon Church, have a long history of conflict with science in the realm of gaining knowledge.Whether it was the earth being the center of the universe, the age of the earth, evolution of the species, or other significant issues, the Christian church has a very poor track-record for being true or accurate when compared to science. One fundamental reason for the consistent failure of the church in accurate knowledge is that its sources for truth are ancient, simplistic texts, and authoritarian opinions, rather than detailed, tested, and substantiated finding through the scientific method.There is already evidence that same-sex attraction is an inborn, biological phenomenon. Eventually, the genetic-marker for homosexuality will likely be identified, and once again, the church will have to re-consider its doctrinal position. The idea of correcting or fixing sexual preference will appear as silly as forcing a left-handed person to become right-handed, because God thinks left-handed people are sinful. It has been demonstrated repeatedly, that simply believing something based on someone else's religiously-inspired opinion, does not make it so!

Darlene, one more question/comment: What did you make of the boy's full frotanl nudity shots, even if they were momentary?I wondered if it was necessary to convey his fragility in a relationship that would be considered illegitimate and predatory. And if its all allegory then you could see how the descendents of the Nazis would say they were damaged too, thereby separating themselves even as they try to find understanding for their forebears as Ralph Fienne's character admits to at the end of the film. I dont know. Its the only thing besides the illiteracy that I questioned.Enough from me. Thanks again.

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